Becky Myrick has been one of my guiding lights on my path these past few years. Her heart-felt healing touch, her compassion, the listening skills, and her profound wisdom all have worked together in our massage sessions. Our time together has given me a very special opportunity; it has allowed me to relax, make the connections, release, and restore myself. I have had to heal from within from the deepest grief, and Becky has blessed me on this journey. Linda

I always come away from a session with Becky refreshed, ready to continue the journey toward health and wholeness. Not only is she wise, she exudes compassion, joy, peace and love. Who wouldn’t want to be in the presence of someone like that?!.  All of those aspects of her being come into play when she is listening to you share your heart, your questions, your pains. You know you have been heard. At the same time, she is listening and watching for direction and guidance while inviting you to let guided imagery take you on a journey into the hidden places in your being that need some healing and strengthening. Viv

Every time I have a session with Becky, I feel better! She has a unique ability to combine intuitive healing with formal training in many healing modalities. She’s a deep listener, highly skilled practitioner, compassionate, open-hearted, and grounded healer. As a client for many years, I highly recommend Becky. Barbara

Since practicing the Higher Brain Living program I have awakened my truer self.  Before Higher Brain Living I was having difficulty focusing on basic daily tasks and was beginning to doubt myself in areas of my life, such as my career and personal life, where I was once my most confident. Now, I am able to approach all aspects of my life with renewed clarity and am once again sure of myself at home and work.  I had also become burdened with the little obstacles that occur in everyday life but now look forward to everything with pure joy and know that I can accomplish anything.  Mary

Becky Myrick is a warm, friendly, compassionate person whose manner creates an atmosphere of acceptance, calm and respect.  She is sensitive and responds in a helpful way to concerns of physical and mental health issues. She uses her skills as a counselor and as a healer to encourage and assist me in working on issues that are of concern to me.  It is evident that she understands the relationship between my emotions and thoughts and uses that to promote my mental and physical health. When I leave our sessions of listening, massage, Healing Touch and general support, I feel lighter and more serene. I count on Becky to be a positive, caring and extremely competent listener, therapist and practitioner. Kay


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