My services

brain image with blue lightI believe in using many tools for empowerment & healing in body-mind medicine.

My work with both individuals and groups draws on the abundant research that now exists about body-mind medicine.  Complementary and alternative medicine helps us find our own inner paths of energy, inner knowing and renewal for the body does much of its own healing. It just needs guidance & attention.

I am a teacher. I offer classes in:

• Choosing Happiness Habits

• Interplay for the Soul

• The Enneagram

• Play in the midst of Illness

•Writing & Storytelling as Tools for Awakening

I am a Wellness & Spiritual Counselor. I use guided imagery, meditation, stress reduction methodologies, essential oils, the arts and more. And it all starts with listening to you with full attention.

I am a Higher Brain Living practitioner. This is a one-of-a-kind mind, body, spirit approach created by Dr Michael Cotton that awakens you & opens you to a life without fear, anxiety or stagnation. You can actually re-train your brain and open to an energy surge that creates a lasting pathway from the primitive fear-based lower brain to a lifetime of Higher Brain Living happiness, purpose and growth.

I am a healer in Integrative Therapies.

• Healing Touch or Reiki (energy healing modalities for balance and aliveness)

• Trager

• Essential oils and herbs for better immune function, muscle relaxation, emotional release, energetic alignment and more